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About Us

Executive Director Achol Deng Longar with girls in the BFS program.

Breaking Female’s Silence is a nationally registered, non-governmental organization in South Sudan. We recognize the dire need for girls and women in South Sudan to have proper education about menstruation and menstrual hygiene management, and to have access to menstrual hygiene products. By addressing these needs, we help women avoid unnecessary suffering as a result of infection and other illnesses, and to reach their utmost potential in this era of growth and change in South Sudan.

School dropout is common among girls who experienced teasing and humiliation by classmates when their clothes were stained with blood as a result of not using sanitary napkins. 

Several studies document that menstruation-related problems affect more than one third of students’ class concentration, participation,  and homework performance.

Poor hygiene during menstruation has been associated with serious health issues, including reproductive and urinary tract infections and chronic vaginitis.

South Sudan’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights promises that every person shall enjoy all of the human rights enshrined therein, and grants every child — girl or boy — the right to survival, protection, development, and full participation in society. We take this to mean that girls and women should not be hindered or caused to suffer needlessly due to lack of education about their normal bodily processes or lack of access to essential health care products.

We seek to create an atmosphere of optimism, teamwork, creativity, and resourcefulness. We pledge to engage all participants in an open and ethical manner so that we can achieve sustainable improvements in the quality of life of our women, including both rural and urban school girls, by way of providing education and promoting basic health care.